Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trend Alert...Quilted!

Hello again readers! We took the last few weeks off from posting to get our new office space set up and organized. It was a longgg process, but we are pretty much all unpacked and ready to go again! 

That said, we are getting back in the swing of things with a new trend that is hitting just about every market. Quilted Pieces! The theme is popular from fashion, to wall coverings, to accessories, to home decor and is seen is numerous colors and applications. Check out this display of pieces from Elle Decor

Friday, January 11, 2013

Moving, moving, moving...

Well readers, it has been a crazy couple weeks here at SWI. As most of you have seen on our Facebook page, we just moved offices this week! We are now located at 3700 Eastern Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45226. We are extremely excited to begin making the space our own and for the continued growth of our business. While we are working on setting up the new office and starting new projects for this year, all of which we will be sharing with you, here is one new thing to kick off the year!

Our first project was to re-do our business cards. We wanted to combine the two sides of our business into one easy way for everyone to contact and find us. So this is the final result! We'd love to hear what you think of them! 

The colors are a little off in this picture but here they are!!!

Front close up

Back close up
We each have them in our purses, so the next time you see us be sure to ask for one!

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