Monday, June 16, 2014

The Wedding & The Beauty Tip

We were invited to a gorgeous wedding on a farm recently and had a beautiful evening with delicious food and great friends. The decorations were perfect for the setting with just a pop of color. We've said it before - coral is really having its moment right now. 

Congratulations to the wonderful couple!

We were talking to one of our friends when she casually remarked that she had put apple cider vinegar in her hair and that it had made it remarkably soft. We were surprised to find out that she was right, her hair was undeniably silky. So we went home and dug around our cabinets and pulled out our apple cider vinegar and put it to the test.

photo via Heinz

It worked! We couldn't believe how soft and silky our hair was. All you do is simply pour some over your head in the shower and let it sit for a minute or two and rinse it out. It doesn't leave a scent behind but it sure makes your hair smooth! 

Give it a whirl!

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